Crafted for learning, engineered for

Our new desktop CB brings together all our know-how in a simple setup, making it easy for your business to screen and train operators from the comfort of a classroom or office.

Forklift Controls Meet the Latest in VR Tech

Immersive Experience

The new simulator employs genuine forklift controls for top-of-the-line realistic and immersive training experience.

Cutting-edge VR tech

Immerse yourself in the forefront of technology with our simulator, featuring the state-of-the-art Quest 3 headset.

Data-driven success

Train with precise insights and tailored guidance through a comprehensive curriculum and the cloud-based LMS database.

Place a refundable down payment of $995 to secure your spot

The best of both worlds

whats in the box
  • Pedal box

  • Forklift controls

  • Tablet

  • Quest 3 headset


Convenient installation

Fits on a standard office table with a separate pedal box.


Transported in a military grade protective case.

Gamified learning

Boost retention and motivation through interactive play.


Pre-order now
for $995

  • Refundable down-payment to secure your spot.
  • Subscription based program from $995 a month.
  • Receive your simulator in the first half of 2024.